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Economic Development; Private Sector Development

This segment has been a priority service area of INTEGRATION from the very beginning with more than 300 projects implemented. Experience includes all relevant development strategies and methodologies and projects integrate supporting components such as entrepreneurship, vocational training, human resource development, environment protection, energy efficiency and the like. We draw on a broad sector experience and a rich database ranging from agro-processing and manufacturing industries to electronics, ICT and eco-tourism. The most prominent projects are:

Project Value of Services Client

Cameroon: Local Economic Development and Value Chains

930,000 € GIZ

Morocco: Support to Employment Creation - Promotion of Self-Employment

815,000 € EC

Morocco: Support to Employment Creation: Promotion of Self-Employment

815,000 € EC

Guatemala: Business Development Services and Access to Financial Serives

700,000 € GIZ

Central Asia: Access to Electricity with New Off-Grid Solar Technology in Central Asia

570,547 $ ADB

Colombia: Creation of a Design Laboratory to Develop Crafts and Small Businesses

550,000 € EC

Tunisia: Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Development Programme

500,000 € GIZ

Croatia: Supporting the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises

478,000 € GIZ

Mongolia: Training and Credit Strengthening for Banks and Establishment of a Revolving Loan Fund

460,000 € KfW

Grenada: Agriculture and Economic Diversification

460,000 € EC

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Technical assistance to the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the private sector development programme

460,507 € EC

Uganda: Capacity Building of Private Enterprises – Private Enterprise Finance Facility II (PEFF II)

446,730 € EIB

Latin America – Six Country Strategy Papers

397,443 € EC

Yemen: Private Sector Development Promotion / Short Term Expert Pool

380,000 € GIZ

Sri Lanka: SME Promotion in the Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka

300,000 € GIZ

ASEAN-Countries: Introduction of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) to ASEAN Countries

195,000 € EC

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): EC Medium Term Strategy for Assistance in the Economic Sector

189,000 € EC

Cambodia and Vietnam: Support to the European Commission  in the Preparation of Country Strategy Papers

178,989 € EC

Honduras: Reconstruction Assistance - Promotion of Small and Micro-Enterprises

170,000 € GIZ

Madagascar: Evaluation of EC Support to Madagascar

170,000 € EC

Eastern and South Africa: Preparation of a Practical Guide to Investing in the COMESA

165,240 € EC

Gambia: Technical Assistance to the NAO for Procurement Contracting Procedures and Financial Management

155,820 € EC

Nicaragua: Support to the European Commission in the Preparation of Country Strategy Papers

154,600 € EC

Nicaragua: Country Strategy 2007-2011

154,600 € EC

Vietnam: Multilateral Trade Policy Assistance Programme I (MUTRAP I)

145,000 € EC

Senegal: Performance Measurement Framework for Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability

140,500 € EC

EU Member States since 2004: Review of EEA and Norway Grants Support to regional policy and cross-border activities in the new EU and EEA member states

134,599 € FMO

Sierra Leone: Technical Assistance for the EOA Negotiations and Design of a TA Support Programme on Trade

131,790 € EC

Chile: Support to the European Commission in the Preparation of Country Strategy Papers

127,247 € EC

Pakistan: Rural Electrification Concept for Chitral District, Khyber Pakhthunkhwa Province

120,000 $ SDC

Costa Rica: Country Strategy 2007-2011

116,400 € EC

Uganda: Feasibility Study for a Support to Uganda´s Investment Policy

100,000 € EC

Morocco: Sector Analysis and Export Potential of Plastic Production

84,000 € GIZ

Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia: EU-Cooperation with Andean Civil Society

84,971 € EC

Senegal: Updating of the Public Finance Management Reform Plan

79,700 € EC

Morocco: Sector Analysis and Export Strategies for the Plastics and Automotive Components Sectors

76,800 € GIZ

ASEAN-Countries: Socio-Economical Expert Pool for the "ASEAN-German Mini-Hydro Project (AGMHP)"

73,540 € GIZ

Georgia: Monitoring of Targeted Budget Support Programme

61,300 € EC

Ghana: Assistance in the Programming Exercise for the 10th EDF in the Field of Trade

48,252 € EC

Trinidad & Tobago: Supporting Public Finance Management Reform Activities

43,734 € EC

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Assessment of the Public Finance Management System

31,000 € EC

Mongolia: Agricultural Bank of Mongolia (AgBANK)

30,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Micro-Enterprise Support and Credit

25,000 € GIZ

FYR Macedonia: Terms of Reference for an Audit of the Micro Credit Line

14,000 € EC


Afghanistan: Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Phase II


11,574,398 € MoF

Argentina: Institutional and Regional Twinning

10,000 € SEQUA

Central Asia: Result-Oriented Monitoring

7,847,893 € EC

Sri Lanka: Integrated Approach to Investment and Export Promotion

6,300,000 € GIZ

Albania, BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey: Results-Oriented Monitoring

6,739,287 € EC

Namibia: Namibian-German Special Initiative for community-driven development in specific regions

5,897,190 € KfW

Guatemala: Business Promotion of Export-Oriented SME’s (ASIGUA)

4,510,000 € GIZ

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Lhasa Leather Factory

3,500,000 € GIZ

Sri Lanka: Promotion of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

3,900,000 € GIZ

Honduras: Technical Assistance for the Public Administration and Regional Integration Programme (PAAPIR)

2,832,786 € EC

Peru: Promotion of SMEs in Selected Regions

2,772,000 € GIZ

Sri Lanka: Small and Micro Enterprise Development (Sri Lanka-German CEFE Programme)

2,800,000 € GIZ

Mozambique: Banco Popular de Desenvolvi-mento (BPD)

2,100,000 € GIZ

Sri Lanka: Value Chain Promotion

2,500,000 € GIZ

Bangladesh: Promoting safety-related and environmental adaptation investments in the textile sector in Bangladesh (SSREU)

1,660,796 € GIZ

Pakistan: Management Supervision of Koto Hydropower Project (32 MW)

1,900,000 € PEDO

Armenia: Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises

1,540,000 € GIZ

Peru: Promotion of Peruvian Industry (PROASES)

1,450,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Micro-Enterprise and Micro-Credit (PRORENDA)

1,200,000 € GIZ

Moldova: Integrated Business Advisory Service

1,800,000 € GIZ

Algeria: Sustainable Economic Development Promotion

1,061,990 € GIZ

Bolivia: Sector Policy Support Programme (SPSP) to Implement the National Plan for Integrated Coca Development

1,999,191 € EC

Yemen: Private Sector Development Promotion

1,000,000 € GIZ

Belize: Project Implementing Unit within the Accompanyng Measures for Sugar

1,077,840 € EC

Russia: E-Skills for Russian SMEs

1,634,600 € EC

Jamaica: Private Sector Development Program

1,607,296 € EC

Jordan: Industrial Upgrading Modernisation Programme

1,500,000 € EC

Haiti: Integrated Support Programme for the Business Sector

1,722,540 € EC

Sri Lanka: Support to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and ist Associations

1,100,000 € GIZ