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Labour market issues, Human Resource Development and Technical Vocational Education and Training are integral parts of Economic Development and Private Sector Development projects. INTEGRATION has pioneered the incorporation of entrepreneurship development into Technical Vocational Education & Training. Human Resource Development is a feature of nearly every INTEGRATION assignment, either as a specific project component or an integrated capacity development element. Our project list includes the following:

Project Value of Services Client

Afghanistan: Hydropower Training Porgramme

998,000 € KfW

Mozambique: Programme for Basic and Technical Education and Vocational Training: Component on Implementing Vocational Training Reforms in the Industrial-Technical Professions

990,000 € GIZ

Haiti: Poverty Reduction and Local Development Programme

924,676 € KfW

Morocco: Support to Employment Creation - Promotion of Self-Employment

815,000 € EC

Guatemala: Strengthening of the Civil Society

800,000 € EC

South Africa: Basic Employment and Skills Training (BEST)

731,500 € GIZ

Rwanda: Kigali Institute of Science Technology and Management (KIST)

700,000 € GIZ

Mongolia: ENEV-III Capacity Development (CapDev)

649,100 € GIZ

Egypt & Neighbouring Countries: Advanced Professional Training in Environmental Management

510,000 € GIZ

Tunisia: Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Development Programme

500,000 € GIZ

Uganda: Capacity Building of Private Enterprises – Private Enterprise Finance Facility II (PEFF II)

446,730 € EIB

Algeria: Technical Support for upgrading the National Institute of Development and Promotion of lifelong learning

410,060 € EC

Uganda: Capacity Building for Energy Efficiency

364,300 € GIZ

Estonia: Human Resources Development in West Estonian Islands

350,000 € EC

Ecuador: ENERGAL Training Programme Galapagos

328,300 € GIZ

Algeria: Modernization of the Vocational Training System

288,510 € EC

India: Human Resource Development Programme in Spatial Environmental Planning

224,000 € GIZ

ASEAN-Countries: Technical Expert Pool for the "ASEAN-German Mini Hydro Project (AGMHP)"

210,370 € GIZ

PR of China: Advanced Professional Training in Environmental Management

133,000 € GIZ

Pakistan: Business Plan and Design of Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) at Mangla

132,540 € AFD

India: Spatial Environmental Planning - Coaching Training Course

100,000 € GIZ

Myanmar: Support to the Myanmar Comprehensive Education Sector Review  (CESR)

75,000 € GIZ

DPR Korea: International Training on Planning and Management of Sustainable Rural Energy Systems

74,150 € UNDP

PR of China: Sino-German Environmental Policy Programme - Environmental Supervision Training Course

63,000 € GIZ

Mozambique: Strengthening of Desaster Management Policy

60,000 € GIZ

Uzbekistan: Program to enhance capacity of industrial engineers, power specialists in the area of energy efficiency

59,000 € WB

Indonesia: Participatory Capacity Needs Assessment in the (Sub-) Sector of Micro/Mini Hydropower in Indonesia

34,150 € GIZ

Indonesia: Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management

25,100 € GIZ

DPR Korea: Study Tour on Sustainable Rural Energy Development to Germany

20,570 € UNDP

Poland: Training for SME Trainers

20,000 € ADB

Germany / Ukraine: Training on energy management in municipalities

18,312 € GIZ

Indonesia: Capacity Building for the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System

13,900 € GIZ

Namibia: Promotion of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Namibia

2,117,000 € GIZ

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Renewable Energy, Rural Development and Qualification in Tibet

2,387,600 € GIZ

Mozambique: Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) for Industrial Maintenance Sector

2,237,326 € GIZ

Pakistan: Modernization of Training Courses and Procurement of Training Equipment for HPTI Mangla

1,147,504 € PEDO

Yemen: Improved Technical Education and Vocational Training

1,152,069 € GIZ

Poland: Human Resources Development for SME Staff

1,400,000 € EC

Honduras: Support for Municipal Community Actions, Housing and Vocational and Business Training in Honduras

1,832,200 € EC

Zambia: Integrated Skills Training for Employment Promotion

1,700,000 € GIZ

Algeria: Sustainable Economic Development Promotion

1,061,990 € GIZ

Russia: E-Skills for Russian SMEs

1,634,600 € EC

Sri Lanka: Rehabilitation and Modernisation of Vocational Training Institutions

1,497,582 € GIZ

Peru: Support for Vocational Training for Employment (APROLAB)

1,200,000 € EC

Yemen: Employment Oriented Private Sector Development Programme

1,140,000 € GIZ

Honduras: Support for Municipal Community Actions, Housing and Vocational Business Training

1,830,000 € EC

Vietnam: Vocational Training Programme Ha Tinh-Province

1,600,000 € GIZ