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Regional and Rural Development

Projects in this area correlate closely to projects of economic and private sector development and draw on our experiences in these fields. Accordingly, INTEGRATION pursues a holistic approach relating micro-level interventions with institutional activities and initiatives for changes in framework conditions. Projects encompass integrated programmes for the business sector, the productive use of energy, renewable energy, energy conservation, agricultural diversification, the strengthening of local government and support to Civil Society organisations. This approach is exemplified in nearly all of the following projects:

Project Value of Services Client

Nigeria: Data gathering and management for the purpose of electrification planning and monitoring

996,725 € GIZ

Peru: Technical Assistance to the Municipality of Satipo and Devida

996,300 € EC

Haiti: Poverty Reduction and Local Development Programme

924,676 € KfW

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Dum Sum, Ghanche, Gilgit-Baltistan

863,300 € Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Sermik, Gilgit-Baltistan

808,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan: Refurbishment and Construction of Hydropower Projects in Ahmadabad

801,600 € APPPL

Guatemala: Strengthening of the Civil Society

800,000 € EC

Afghanistan: Strengthening Livelihood Systems Project (SLS) – Warsaj, Takhar

780,000 € GIZ

Ecuador: Rural Development in the Province of Cotopaxi

750,000 € EC

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan

715,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

PR of China: Rural Electricity Supply Study

685,000 $ ADB

Mongolia: ENEV-III Capacity Development (CapDev)

649,100 € GIZ

Pakistan: Supply and installation of Electro Mechanical equipment at Mini Hydropower Project Ashuran

580,000 € SRSP

Pakistan: Installation of Turbo Generating sets for Hydro Power Projects in Ganokh, Gilgit-Baltistan

566,790 € Gilgit Baltistan

Afghanistan: Supply and Installation of Transmission & Distribution systems in Nijrab District

512,015 € AFD

Grenada: Agriculture and Economic Diversification

460,000 € EC

Madagascar: Lokoho Small Hydropower for Rural Development

457,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Renovation of Surobi District Hospital


400,000 € AFD

Ethiopia: Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA); Independent Verification Agent (IVA)

300,000 € WB

Zambia: Off-grid Site Characterization and Prioritization

277,646 € IFC

Pakistan: PV based Power Supply Systems for Rural Communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

212,730 € PPAF

Myanmar: Promoting Rural Electrification

208,790 € GIZ

Ethiopia: Support in Planning, Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision of Mini Hydropower Plants for Connection to Mini-Grids

160,000 € GIZ

Papua New Guinea: Country Level Evaluation of EC Support to Papua New Guinea (PNG)

160,000 € EC

Afghanistan: Rural Electrification Program Kapisa - Technical Study Mahmood Raqi, Phase II

153,759 € AFD

Pakistan: Rural Electrification Concept for Chitral District, Khyber Pakhthunkhwa Province

120,000 $ SDC

Cambodia: Rural Energy for Productive Use and Income Generation in Cambodia

118,000 € UNIDO

Afghanistan: Transmission and Distribution System for the connection of Nejrab District Teacher Training Centre (DTTC) to the grid

91,000 € ADB

Pakistan: Feasibility Study for Construction of Weir for two Hydropower Stations

80,000 € Gilgit Baltistan

Nigeria: Geo-spatial Assessment of Mini-Grid Potentials in Nigeria

63,916 € REA

Pakistan: Water and Energy Security through Mircohydels, WES Phase-II Studies

58,740 € AKRSP

Mongolia: Green Building Program in Mongolia

47,550 $ IFC

Laos and Vietnam: Rural Energy Initiative for Productive Use of Renewable Energies

27,000 $ UNIDO

Kenya: Developing a Guidebook on Productive Uses of Electricity in Solar-Hybrid Mini-Grids

21,444 € GIZ

Afghanistan and PR of China (A.R. Tibet): "Manual for the Promotion of the Productive Use of Energy" - Country Reports and Modules

20.300 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Electricity Supply and Productive Use in Tagab District, Kapisa Province

14,500,000 € AFD

Afghanistan: Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Phase III

11,753,856 € MoF


Afghanistan: Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Phase II


11,574,398 € MoF

Ghana: Energizing Development (EnDev) Ghana

10,675 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Phase I

10,336,347 € MoF

Kenya: EUEI PDF Workshop on Productive Use of Electricity (PURE)

6,200 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Energy Supply in Rural Areas of Afghanistan (ESRA), Phase I

6,174,000 € GIZ

Republic of Moldova: Modernization of Local Public Services (MLPS)

5,899,000 € GIZ

Guatemala: Rural Development in the Department of Alta Verapaz

5,900,000 € EC

Namibia: Namibian-German Special Initiative for community-driven development in specific regions

5,897,190 € KfW

Afghanistan: Energy Supply in Rural Areas of Afghanistan (ESRA), Phase II

4,614,000 € GIZ

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Rural Infrastructure and Vocational Training

3,400,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Development of Mini Hydropower Plants in Badakhshan and Bamyan Provinces

3,656,476 € DABS

Bolivia: TA to the Sector-Based Budget Support for water and sanitation in suburban areas - PASAP

2,445,790 € EC

Honduras: Technical Assistance for the Public Administration and Regional Integration Programme (PAAPIR)

2,832,786 € EC

PR of China (A.R. Tibet): Renewable Energy, Rural Development and Qualification in Tibet

2,387,600 € GIZ

Nigeria: Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) II

1,558,262 € GIZ

Mongolia: Promotion of Renewable Energies in remote grid systems

1,236,000 € ADB

Pakistan: Feasibility Study of Three Hydro Power Projects in District Dir Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province

1,675,000 € PEDO

Nigeria: Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) - Component Rural Electrification

1,741,543 € GIZ

Bolivia: Program Sustainable Drinking Water And Sanitation In Periphery Areas (Periagua)

1,649,540 € GIZ

Pakistan: Development and Usage of Hydropower and Renewable Energies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1,782,610 € PPAF

Afghanistan: Strengthening Livelihood Systems Project (SLS) - Yaftal E Sofia

1,426,000 € GIZ

Afghanistan: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Rural Areas

1,008,300 € GIZ

Tanzania: Promotion of Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

1,030,000 € GIZ

Brazil: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E) – Component "Education and Training"

1,523,570 € GIZ

Haiti: Integrated Support Programme for the Business Sector

1,722,540 € EC

Honduras: Support for Municipal Community Actions, Housing and Vocational Business Training

1,830,000 € EC